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11th September 2001

My thoughts are with all Americans especially all children who have to cope with that tragedy.

Words can hardly describe what I feel.


August 22nd - 1st October 1994

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For German people I think it is always a dream to go to the States. We know that big country from TV and we are so impressed by that country. When my mother asked me if I wanted to go there I was not sure because I was 17 years old that time and I did not want to fly to the States on my own. But I finally did and it was a great time I had in the USA.
My mother's friend from Germany is living in Lexington near Boston, MA with her family. They have been in Germany before and I already knew them. I went there in August 1994, it was the first time for me in a plane but everything was fine. I was looking forward to be in the U.S.A. I enjoyed the flight and when I was fetched from the airport in Boston I was very much impressed by the drive to Lexington. Everything was like in TV and even better. I liked the malls, the nature, the new cans I bought for my collection and I even liked walking down the streets. It was great to be at the places we talked about in our English lessons, the Freedom Trail, The Old State House. Well, before I start dreaming... . I have been in Lexington for about 6 weeks and also attended Lexington High School for some weeks.
Today a really would like to go again to the States but at the moment it will not be possible at all because I will have to study from 2000 on. I hope I will be able to go to the US again some day!? OK, now enjoy the pics below!


Downtown Boston:

Downtown BostonDowntown Boston
Downtown Boston
Downtown BostonDowntown BostonDowntown Boston

Me in the garden and in my room:

Me in the USAMe in the USA

The HUGE (!!!) dog ('Cato') of the family:


The family's 'weekend house' in New Hampshire:

House in NHHouse in NH

Lake 'Winnipisaukee' in N.H. where the house is:

Me at lake 'Winnipisaukee' in N.H.:

Me at the lakeMe at the lake

Me and 'The World' at Babson College in Babson Park, MA

Me & World

'North Bridge' in Concord

Nothe Bridge Concord

The Three Revolutionary Houses in Lexington: Buckman Tavern/Hancock-Clark House/Munroe Tavern, Museum Of Our National Heritage, New England Aquarium, Plimoth Plantation, Meridith in New Hampshire, Freedom Trail, Burlington, Bedford, Rockport, Harvard University Boston, Quincy Market (Boston), Museum Of Science, Babson College MA, Concord (North Bridge),..