finger.gif (26500 Byte) drink.gif (9999 Byte)This page is from my 'dark side' but I won't call it this way. It is a page with many funny pictures taken when I went downtown with my friends to have fun. It started after a gig I had with my former band in 1996. A guy who is living in my street had been to the gig and he invited us to an Irish Pub in Hannover. My friend Tobias has also been with us. I have been happy because of that great gig and we sat together and had some beers. That time I realized that I liked Guinness and Kilkenny beer. I liked the strong taste and the 'Irish Harp' soon became our favourite pub for a long time. Sometimes we also went to the 'Irish Pub' directly in the city and after some beer to the 'Irish Harp'. We always had a lot of fun together. Sometimes I preferred Kilkenny to Guinness or the other way round. Today I am not that fit anymore in drinking that sort of beer. When I was younger I sometimes had up to 5 pints of Guinness or Kilkenny but today I prefer 'Hefe-Weizen' (a typical German beer with yeast and wheat). At this point I would like to stop talking and you can now take a trip to this crazy part of me. Of course the pictures are collected from many different trips. And please do not take everything too seriously on this page, OK?

Short life
Life is to short to have no fun...

Party on & Peace party on!


In my new flat in Hannover - Oberricklingen in September 2008

Beer & Fun 2008Beer & Fun 2008
(1+2): "Well, Shorsh and Harald: Your beer is empty, get another one!"

Beer & Fun 2008Beer & Fun 2008

Beer & Fun 2008Beer & Fun 2008
Watching the old rowing-dvds and remembering the past... with some beers! ;-)

Beer & Fun 2008Beer & Fun 2008
Beer & Fun 2008Beer & Fun 2008
Great evening, do I have to say more?

In the Ballroom Hamburg in July 2008

HH Pub 2008HH Ballroom 2008
HH Ballroom 2008HH Ballroom 2008
It's been such a long time ago, but finally we teemed up again in Hamburg at the Fishmarket (Irish Pub & Ballroom)


"Father's Day" in May 2004 after a barbecue at the watergate near my flat

(1-5): Jan-Georg and me in my flat in the evening


Halloween 2003 in the Irish Pub Hannover

Halloween 2003
(1): Jan-Georg together with me

Frederiks Party before his leaving to England, August 2003

Frederik's partyFrederik's party
(1): Jan-Georg and me rocking to some Metal, that really has been rare that night!, (2): Me rocking'

Frederik's partyFrederik's party
(1): Power-Sven and me, (2) Shorsh and me shortly before falling over two banks and one table! ;-P

Frederik's party
(1): Me rocking with Beck's gold beeeeeer!

Irish Pub after a party in my Metal-Bar, 2003

Pub finalePub finale
Pub finale


Really cool trip to the Irish Harp in December 2002

Shorsh and meJan and Shorsh
(1): Shorsh (Jan-Georg) and me in the Irish Harp, (2): Jan and Jan-Georg -   "Jan: Your beer is empty, get another one!"

Jan's Photosession:

bf_02_3.jpg (223003 Byte)bf_02_1.jpg (222689 Byte)
(1): Still all three guys on the picture, (2): Jan, what are you doing?

bf_02_2.jpg (209165 Byte)
(3): Jan, where have you been gone?


Drinking some beer and listening to Metal in Tobias room

bf3_5.jpg (81141 Byte)

Simone & me
(1): Simone & me 'online' in Tobias room


In the subway "üstra"

bf2_3.jpg (29305 Byte)

Irish Pub & Irish Harp

Somewhere else:

Stadthallenfest '99 (Town Hall Celebration '99)

In front of the Rockcafé Booster's in Hannover

At home