• Real name: Harald Krüger
  • Date Of Birth: February, 1st of 1977
  • Born in: Hannover, Lower Saxony / Germany
  • Born & lived in: Hannover, Oberricklingen until Oktober 2002
    Fidele Dörp - Ricklingen & Oberricklingen
  • Lived in: Hannover, Davenstedt Oktober 2002 until April 2007
  • Lived in: Hannover, Wettbergen April 2007 until April 2008
  • Lived in: Hannover, Oberricklingen April 2008 until July 2010
  • Living in: Ronnenberg, Empelde since July 2010
  • Nationality: German
  • Height: 1,80 meters
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Eye Color: blue-green
  • Hair Color: dark-haired
  • Status: single

  • Occupations:
    • schoolboy until 1998, student from 2000 until 2006
    • working for the IGS Mühlenberg since autumn 2004
    • working for the RV Linden January 2002-Oktober 2006 and again since June 2008
    • working in for Sicherheitsdienste Bartholl security services for DaimlerChrysler from Oktober 2006 - April 2007 &
      March - April 2008, July - August 2008, January 2009 - April 2009
    • working for Heil & Sohn KfZ-Teile as an warehouseman in January and February 2008
    • working in Einbeck as a trainee teacher at the "Leinetalschulen Drüber" May - June 2007
    • working for Dockyard1 from November 2007 until July 2009
    • self-employed with webdesign, multimedia-editing and bandservices since January 2008
    • working in Celle-Garßen as a trainee teacher at the "Erich Kästner Schule" May 2008 - January 2009
    • working for ICS Festival Service GmbH in May 2009 (as the Saxon Drum-Tech)
    • working for the GIS-Service (gGis mbH) since June 2009 (social services)
    • who knows what will come...? ...open for almost everything!

  • Collecting hobbies:
    cans, autographs from drummers, signed bassdrum skins, sneakers
  • Other hobbies:
    playing the drums, metal-concerts, concert-photographing, digital video-editing, webdesign, rowing, spending time with kids, my computer, eBay auctions, music, sleeping, drinking beer/cola, enjoying life,...
  • Collection of favourite things:
    Countries: America, England, Sweden
    Drinks: Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Milk, Beer, A&W Cream Soda
    Meals: Spaghetti, Lasagne, meat in general,...
    TV soaps: Home Improvement ("Hör mal wer da hämmert"), 7th Heaven ("Eine himmlische Familie"), ALF, Mein Leben und ich, Stromberg, King of Queens (Link Deu./Link Eng.),...
    Action soaps: Auf Achse, Alarm für Cobra 11, Balko, Die Straßen von Berlin, SK Kölsch, Wolff's Revier,...
  • Other things I like a lot:
    feet, sneakers, colourful socks, cool/funny trousers like my cow trousers (see above!), sleeping, watching TV,...
  • Things I don't like:
    people not able to form their own opinion, war, hate,...

critter1.gif"Little Helloweenie":
My real name is Harald Krüger. I was born the 1st of February 1977 in Hannover, Germany. I have one brother and one sister who are 11 and 13 years older than me. I used to live in a house in "Oberricklingen", a district of Hannover, together with my mom, my brother and our dog 'Pummel' until October 2002. My parents seperated when I was about ten years old. When I was young I played the recorder and the trumpet (for about 6 years). I also played tennis for a short time.

Beeing In School:
My school career began after the kindergarden when I started nursery school. Afterwards I started primary (elementary) school which in Germany covers four years. Then two years in a school where you can orientate to what kind of school to go next followed. From the 7th class (grade) on I went to the Grammar (High) School. At that time I started rowing in our school rowing-club. In 1992 a friend of mine and I went on a trip to England with a students travel group. At the beginning of the 11th class (in 1994) I went to America where I had a great time. The world known from TV became real.
I wanted to repeat the 12th class (grade) a second time because of different problems I had. It was the best decision I could make. Finally I graduated and did my Abitur (A-levels) after 14 years mainly in the main subjects English, Biology, Politics and Arts. The last two years at 'Humboldtschule Hannover' were much fun. I had very kind classmates and although I did not work that much for school I had acceptable marks. During these last two years I became the youthleader of different groups at the rowing club. The 'Deutscher Ruder-Club von 1884 e. V. Hannover' became my second home. I went there almost everyday after school and today rowing still is a big part of my life. Furthermore I started to play drums in 1993 and I still sometimes play today if I can find the time and I also played in a band called 'Radio Active' from 1994 until 1996.

After School:
I did my community service at a children's home ("Haus Irene") near Hannover in July 1999. From the 23nd of November 1999 until the end of September 2000 I have worked at a primary school in Hannover 15 hours a week.

At the beginning of November 2000 I finally started studying special education (German: Sonderpädagogik) at the 'University of Hannover', I'd like to become a teacher at a special school for children with learning difficulties or difficulties in their behavior. At the end of 2001 some things changed my life, the main thing was that I quit my rowing group due to many bad things the leaders of the club did to me. It was the first time in my life that I even thought about such a big and difficult step I had to do to progress. In January 2002 I started coaching a new group at the 'Ruderverein Linden'. It was a kind of new start for my future life because I have to take much more care of me and my personal things. But it would be too much to name all new things.
In October 2002 I left my mother's home, moved places the first time and now I live on my own in Hannover 'Davenstedt'. It was again a big change in my life, because I had to leave many things behind me that meant a lot to me to be able gain new experiences.
In autumn 2004 I started working for the IGS Mühlenberg, I started a cooperation with the school and the rowing club. In summer 2006 I graduated.

First Job:
After finishing University I could not directly continue with the second part of my education to become a teacher and therefore started working for a security service (Sicherheitsdienste Bartholl) in Laatzen, near Hannover/Germany and I've already worked for formerly "DaimlerChrysler AG" and for "enercity" and in a beer garden ("Seehaus Wietzepark") in the years 2006, 2007 and in 2008 still sometimes for the "Daimler AG".

First Teaching:
At the end of 2006 I had to end my work at the rowing club but intensified my work for the IGS Mühlenberg where I started teaching two German classes of the fifth grade. I removed from my work as a cooperation partner and got independent with my rowing work.
After some problems with my first start as a trainee teacher in 2007 and a rather bad time without a real job I first have been about to finally end my education to become a teacher in August 2009. But things changed a lot at the end of 2008 and I realized that I can't get along with the German school system as much as to be a full-time teacher and an official (clerk) in it at all. So I ended my second time as a trainee teacher in Jan. 2009 and immediately felt much better with it.

Todays Job:
see occupations above...