93er T4 - Eurovan MV
September 2005 until January 2006

Eurovan logoMy first van; it didn't become a T3 as I first thought it would. I had been looking for a van in the internet for a long time (eBay.de, mobile.de and autoscout24.de), because we had been on the road for and with kids of the rowing club a lot and always had to rent a van or other car. The special thing has been that I was about to buy a car before having the driver's license for it, but I knew that Jan and Jan-Georg would drive the van is we needed it.

In the end my first van became a great T4 EuroVan MV, which is the US-version of the T4 Multivan. What attracted me mostly has been the sound of the van and the front bumper ("dicke Lippe"). I got the van from Autohaus "Schmidt" in Recklinghausen. At the beginning it seemed to have been a good deal, but in the end I figured out some bad things about the car like the gearing that had a small damage and of course the rust of the car got much more and that was because it wasn't the 95 model like I thought it was but an 1993 Multivan that has a much worse car paint/finish. Therefore sold it after some month through eBay. The only loss I had was because I had paid about 600 Euros for making the van a caravan to save with the insurance and got new suspension with it.

Technical dates:

T4 Eurovan MV, 70x0B, 2.5l
"Jamaica-Wasser-Blau" (Jamaican Aqua Blue Metallic)
1993 (Model '91)
Registration Date:
2461 cm³, 81 kW/110 PS, 5 cylinder
Fuel type :
Benzin (normal petrol)
Maximum speed:
161 km/h (100 mi/h)
Price paid:
5.300 Euros
including car insurance for used cars from PRO CAR
Owners before me:
km (27.09.2005)
176.350 km (~109.583 miles)
km (01.08.2007)
182.000 km (~ 113.094 miles)
Longest trip:
Hannover (Germany) to Vienna (Austria), Dezember 2005
Price sold:
4.200 Euros
+ inferiority price of 300 Euros I got back from the Autohaus Schmidt after already having sold the van! ;-)

T4 Eurovan MV
T4 Eurovan MV