89er T3 - Bluestar
February 2008 - March 2010
( ...and still owning it)

T3 BluestarT4 Allstar & T3 BluestarWell, what the hell is this? After my miscarried "Limited Last Edition" Diesel tryout and first thinking about getting a new motor for it, I decided that this choice would become almost as expensive as selling it and getting a different T3. I started looking very carefully for another van to buy, because I didn't want to make same mistake as before.
There were some cool vans around, but I still felt unsure or sometimes if I was about to buy/check one, it has already been sold. In January 2008 I found a T3 Multivan Bluestar at autoscout24.de that came from Hannver/Ahlem and I realized that I already knew that van, because I have already seen it some times before in my neighbourhood of Davenstedt. The selling person and his son have been VERY kind. It's been a really great van in brilliant condition with automatic gearing. To be safe, I asked VW to check the van to see if it has any damages or broken things but it passed the exam without any big mistakes, the only thing that's been a minus is that it won't get any environment badge, which here in Hannover and some other German towns means that I am no longer allowed to drive into the city zone.
I had to wait one more month until the seller was willing to finally sell the van at the end of February and until I had all the money to buy it. It's been first hand bought from a former VW-worker; it's not been easy at all for him selling the van. I love driving that van, it's a f****** cool feeling driving it and meeting other T3 drivers on the road!

Technical dates:

T3 Multivan, "Bluestar" Hannover Edition, 2.1l (DJ)
"Starblue metallic"
Registration Date:
2095 cm³, 82 kW/112 PS, 4 cylinder
Fuel type :
Benzin, Super+, 98 OZ (normal petrol)
automatic gearing (four gears)
Maximum speed:
160km/h (~100 mi/h)
Price paid/original price:
6.000 Euros / ~42.785 DM (for the 95 PS automatic machine)
Owners before me:
km (29.02.2008)
137.300 km (~ miles)
km (08.08.2008)
147.000 km (~ miles)
km (09.06.2009)
167.300 km (~ miles)
km (29.02.2010)
180.200 km (~ miles)
Longest trip:
Hannover to Raard (NL): 355 km (one way)


T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar
T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar
T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar
T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar
T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar
T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar


T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar
T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar
T3 BluestarT3 Bluestar