Haus Davenstedt
Oktober 2002 - April 2007

In my first flat I had 2,5 rooms, 53 m² under the roof of an apartment house with four storeys in Hannover, Davenstedt, a rather new district at the suburban of Hannover. It took me 17 minutes to get downtown with the subway from and it has been five minutes to the rowing club where I used to work until the end of 2006.

My kitchen (~ 6,6 m²)

My kitchen is not that big, but big enough for my needs. It looks quite modern with yellow painted wallpapers. I bought and built the kitchen myself with the help of good friends (Jan, Claudia & Sonja). The kitchen is the first room on the left hand side if you come into my flat. The best thing in my kitchen of course is my Coca-Cola machine (Minipom) where I can get fresh and cold drinks any time I want.

Kitchen 1Kitchen 2
Kitchen 3
(1-3): My kitchen in January 2005

Kitchen 4Kitchen 5
My kitchen in Summer 2004

My living room (~ 20 m²)

My living room is the biggest room in my flat with almost 20 m² and two big windows (not to be seen on any of the pictures). The only thing missing is a balcony but no matter, it's not that important because in the summer I can open the windows and let the sun in if I want to. Some parts of the walls are also painted with yellow strokes of the brush. The living room is on the right hand side when you come into my flat.

Living room 1Living room 2
Living room 3Living room 4
(1-4): One part of my big living room: my can collection and my new eBay-buyed sofa made of leather

Living room 4Living room 5
(1+2): This is the major part :-P of my living-room, my TV and stereo system and parts of my metal-collection.
The room you can see left on the pictures is my little room where I have an extra bed and my computer.

My bedroom (~11,84 m²)

My bedroom is the former children's room of the flat. I have my major bed (it's a French futon-bed) in there and my working desk. It a very nice room, too, very bright and the window points to a playground that is infront of the house. My wardrobe can hardly be seen on the pictures. It's on the right hand side of the pictures. This room later became Tamaras room for a while.

(1+2): The view into my bedroom from the corridor,
(3): My desk in a very tidied current state that time

View 1View
(1+2): This is the view I have out of my bedroom window: first of all the playground, then a soccer-field and
after that is the "Limmer Watergate"... and a railway line! :-(

My corridor (~ 5,7 m²)

Corridor 1Corridor 2
Corridor 3

My guest- and computerroom (~ 9,2 m²)

The small room was mainly used as my working- and computerroom and had a lot of stuff even parts of my sneakers-collection. At the end I also had two computers (one for working, chatting surfing and the other for video-edition) with huge monitors in it, a color-laser printer and many more things. It's been the smallest room in the flat where I spent most of the time when being at home and that has been something I didn't like that much but couldn't change the fact. In the summer the room has been very hot and the small window couldn't solve that problem. It has also been the room where I worked for the rowing club many many hours and nights, so also the place where the first two DVDs came to life. Therefore there has also been the collection of pictures from the kids over the years on the wall.

PC room 1
PC room 3PC room 4
PC room 5PC room 6
(1-6): My PCs and my other computer equipment

PC room 7PC room 7PC room 8
PC room 10PC room 11
(1-4): Parts of my CD and can collection,
(5): Some RVL-Youth pictures and the certificates I got for my work with them

My bathroom (~4,5 m²)

My bathroom has been very small in this flat, didn't have a window and only a shower, no bath tub. The shower was the first thing I finished in 2002 when I got the flat. The first pictures have been taken with a flash and the others without to show the atmosphere in the bathroom a bit better.

Bathroom 1Bathroom 2
Bathroom 3
(1-3): All pictures taken in April 2007

Bathroom 4Bathroom 5
Bathroom 6
(1-3): All pictures taken in April 2007