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August + September 2009

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soundpumpkin.gif (9469 Byte)Welcome to my homepage - version 2.0! ("Ich heiße Harald und Sie herzlich willkommen") I better don't tell you how long I have been working on this page. Finally it has a totally new layout! The home of me, 'The Little Helloweenie' in the worldwide net. This page is supposed to differ from many others on the net. It is based on my 'crazy metal-life' starting with the band Helloween. I neither wanted to make a page about only one of my favourite bands nor wanted to limit to one topic. Therefore you will find many different things on this page and you will also get to know me, my thoughts and feelings much closer. This page will guide you through my world of music and through my life in general. You will find pages about me, my way of living, my former band, my hobbies and much more. I hope you will find something interesting. If you want to mail me feel free to do so. To jump to another topic use the navigation on the top of each page! Not much more to say,...

Lay back and enjoy your trip to my world!

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